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Our Mission

Providing unparalleled pet care allowing pet parents to live their lives knowing their animal family is loved and cared for.

Company Culture


We are an employee-driven small pet sitting service business in the big city of Phoenix looking to challenge the status quo of service jobs. Our employees and clients come from all backgrounds and lifestyles, and we appreciate each and every difference they bring to our business. Our employees expect respect from pet owners, and mirror that respect right back. Clients may see pronouns next to a pet sitter's name; this is to honor the pronouns they choose to use. Clients may add their own pronouns if they choose, and we will honor those. Any intentional misgendering of a H&H employee will not be tolerated, nor will any intentional misgendering of a client from an employee. Any blatant racism or prejudice will not be tolerated, towards or from an employee. 

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