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So Many Cats
Facebook: @phxrescue

Established 15 years ago in Phoenix, AZ. A couple of animal loving citizens took it upon themselves to rescue the homeless felines and canines that were abandoned, mistreated, injured or lost in their surrounding neighborhoods. Local registered tax deductible charity who takes no salary - strictly volunteers and 100% goes to the animals. Partnered with Amazon SMILE, meaning 5% of your order total goes to So Many Cats if you choose them under charities.


Check back later for more rescues!

AZK9 Rescue
Socials: @azk9

AZK9 is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization serving Arizona’s underserved communities with the tri-fold approach of education, sterilization & rescue.

This group of dedicated volunteers founded by people wanting to make a difference in the lives of companion animals in Maricopa County. For the dogs in our care, our mission has remained to give a second chance to those who have been abused, abandoned, and forgotten. Our focus has remained to help those who were considered less adoptable, hard to place, overlooked, and truly in need of a second chance in life. We believe every life is a life worth saving and that no animal is a lost cause. Each animal we take into our care is a deserving life needing love and companionship of a family. We work hard with each and every dog providing thorough medical care, training, and socializing to get each dog ready for a loving and devoted home.

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