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  • What services do you offer?
    My services include individual walks (30, 45, 60 minutes), pet sitting/ visits (30, 45, 60 minutes), and overnight visits (12 hours). More information, including prices, can be found under the services tab.
  • What are your business hours?
    My business hours are Monday-Sunday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM MST. Feel free to contact me during those hours! Due to the nature of my work, it may take until the next day to return your contact unless I am actively working for you.
  • I'm a potential new client, how do I get started with you?
    Welcome! We hope you find Hand and Hound Pet Sitting a good fit for you and your animal family! Please take a look at our Welcome Packet to see how to get started with us, and everything we offer!
  • What is Time to Pet?
    Trusted by thousands of the world's most successful pet care companies, Time To Pet is modern pet sitting software built for you. The Time To Pet app is used to keep you updated with your pet visits, sits, and overnights. Through this app, we have the ability to schedule all types of visits, communicate with you, send you information and pictures about your pet(s) and how they did during the visit. As a client, you also have the ability to request visits during specific dates needed, update information about your pet(s), and pay for the visits. You can find a fantastic explanation of how to make an account here. You can find other helpful information here.
  • How does a free meet and greet work?
    To schedule a free meet and greet, please email me at or text/ call me at (480) 382 - 8308. A Meet and Greet is a complimentary 30-minute service offered by Hand and Hound to make sure that the sitter(s) and pets are a good fit for each other and for the owner to go over any care expectations. Any time past the allotted 30-minutes will be billed at a rate of $10.00/15 minutes. Hand and Hound sitters will keep track of the time and remind you as the 30 minutes nears its end. Please ensure that by the time the meet and greet begins, you have either a spare key to provide EACH sitter assigned to you, or, ideally, a lockbox (which Hand and Hound offers for $15.00, added to your next invoice). We recommend a lockbox so that in the event of any emergencies, another individual (emergency contact) besides the assigned sitter may be able to access the home. If you would like a lockbox, please be sure to request one before your meet and greet. For a number of reasons, Hand and Hound does not accept a garage door as the sole means of entry to a home. Before the meet and greet, please review all your pet/client information in the Time To Pet app to ensure it is as up-to-date as possible. Please keep in mind your emergency contact should be someone who, in the event of an emergency, can step in to take care of the home and animals.
  • Can you explain what goes into the service rates?
    If you haven't used a Pet Sitting or Dog Walking business before, the cost may surprise you and be very different from when you have used a neighbor or someone who pet sits or dog walks on the side. There are major differences between hobbyist pet care (i.e., your neighbor) and professional pet care (i.e., Hand and Hound Pet Sitting). Because we are a business, we are insured, bonded, and our sitters are Pet First Aid + CPR trained. The CEO has 12+ years of personal experience on top of 4+ years running a business, which means we've encountered many types of pets, homes, and situations that have prepared us to provide the best service and be a more secure option for you and your pets. Your pets are an investment in your health and happiness, and the care they receive through an outside business should respect and honor that.
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