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Pet Behavior Solutions - Edu-care for dogs
(480) 200 - 2011

At Pet Behavior Solutions, we work with you to understand the causes of your pet's behavior so we can arrive at truly effective long-term solutions that will have a positive impact on your relationship with your pet.


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Teach a Dog to Fish
(480) 382 - 4847

Our lead trainer, Angelina McCaster, is just as much a dog-person as they are a people-person. Angelina has been working as an animal advocate in the rescue community for nearly a decade and has been training professionally for just over 7 years. While she is a Certified Family Dog Mediator and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), she is a proud proponent of more extensive continued education than either of those designations require. You'll love her energy and knack for breaking down complex training plans into manageable steps so that you can make real, lasting progress with your dog.

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