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Don't Be Sloppy: 5 Favorite Dog Bowls for Sloppy Drinkers

Firstly, I'd like to thank all the slobbery dogs who have given me this opportunity. Without their drips on the floor that got my socks wet, and their slimy licks after a long drink, I wouldn't be where I am today -- listing my favorite dog bowls for sloppy drinkers.

As pet sitters, we have the unique opportunity to see the drinking habits of many dogs, and the usability of countless pet products. Even something as simple as choosing a dog's water bowl can prove difficult when owners are made aware of the slime we see build up in bowls and clean out before refreshing water, or when their dog slobbers all over the house, potentially creating a hazard or just another mess to constantly clean up.

Whether you're in it solely for the practical use, or are among the owners looking to keep their pup's aesthetic as true as their own, we think we have water bowl options for everyone!

Every time I tell an owner about the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl®, they cannot believe they haven't heard of it. Designed with a rounded reservoir and a small area for your dog's tongue to actually reach the water itself, it limits the residual water brought up and out of the bowl by about 85% or more. Your dog may have a learning curve initially, but give it a couple weeks, and you will see (or even better, not see!) the difference. Recommended also for dogs who gulp a bunch of water at once and make themselves sick!

Boasting slobber-free drinking, a filter for optimal water health, AND aesthetically-pleasing colors and design, the TORUS Water Bowl™ checks all the boxes for every ~extra~ pet owner (multi-pet families included: cats love this bowl, too!). It stores water in a built-in reservoir, which refills the smaller interior bowl as your pet drinks, meaning that the water is always fresh. As a bonus, the bowl has anti-microbial filters offered in Standard and Advanced options. I like this option particularly for cats, who benefit from filtered water in relation to their kidney health (a common issue for cats).

Classic in a French cottage kitchen kind of way, this bowl isn't just naturally pretty, it is also inherently antimicrobial. That's right, CuBowls are made of copper (get it?! The element Cu for copper). That means the build-up of slime that owners and pet sitters alike have to wipe out of pet bowls is forgotten! No one wants their dog drinking the bacteria that multiplies in their water bowl from the times they play hard in the park with other dogs, or when they get caught eating a chicken bone from someone's tipped over trash bin on a walk. It seems too simple to work, but their reviews speak for themselves.

This bowl is for those dogs who go a little too hard, who can't be stopped just because they need a drink, who love making daily mayhem. While it's funny the first few times, a tipped over bowl can start to be a real pain (and make everyone worry about your pup getting enough water throughout the day, among other worries!). I love when outfitters develop pet products, because you can rest assured they're built to last and for a purpose. The Toadfish Non-Tipping Dog Bowls can be seen suctioned to boat decks as they glide over the water, in truck beds, and of course in your home. Unlike other bowls that claim to be non-tipping, the Toadfish bowls have a unique suction cup on the bottom, so it's highly unlikely your dog will outsmart least when it comes to keeping water where it's supposed to be ;).

Now, if you're someone who can't be bothered with looks and doesn't mind a little extra work when it comes to your canine or feline friend, a generic stainless steel bowl for water is a great option. Since it is stainless steel, it is less likely to harbor bacteria or fungi than a ceramic bowl, and with daily cleaning with soap and water, your pets will be slaying their New Year's resolution to drink more water! that just me? It is worth thinking about getting two sets that are dishwasher safe so you can swap them out weekly to make sure everything is sanitized and good to go.

Water intake is something that is easy to overlook, but pets are more finicky about their water and dehydration is harder to notice until it's often severe. Having fresh, filtered water and a clean drinking area is just as important as all those nicknames your dog loves -- it's okay, they told us ;).

- your Hand and Hound Pet Sitters



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