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Time To Pet Series: Benefits Beyond the Visit

Until it’s socially acceptable and/or possible (let’s be real, the only thing stopping us is that it’s not possible yet) for pets to have their own phone, the next best thing is getting a report from their pet sitter on Time To Pet throughout the day!

Time To Pet logo which is a colorful cloud with a dog shape cut-out. It reads "Time To Pet: Modern Pet Sitting Software"

In this series of blog posts, we’re covering how pet owners can utilize Time To Pet, the leading pet sitting software we use to keep your experience as a pet parent modern and exciting. In a study by Kinship Partners, 78% of pet parents said that the peak of pet parenthood is making sure their pet is healthy, followed by 70% stating that making their pet as happy as possible is the number one indicator of a good pet parent. Your pet sitting service should understand and reflect those modern pet parent concerns, and have all the things to make sure your pet is healthy, as well as happy. It should be a comforting and fun experience to see other pet lovers interact with your animal family.

To start the series, we want to demonstrate all the extra features TTP offers past just making it easy to request services and pay invoices with us.

GPS-Verified Visits and Walk Routes

What's better than knowing your dog went on a successful walk? Knowing exactly where your dog went on their walk! Did they pass that house where they always roll around in the grass? Did they see the cat that always sits in the window at the corner house?

visual of a phone screen with a mapped route and time stamps
GPS-tracked reports!

All of these things not only help you as a pet parent know your pet sitter is where they're supposed to be, but it connects you to your pet and what they got up to while you weren't with them. We know pet owners feel guilty leaving their pets alone, so anything your pet sitter can do to help you through that guilt and show you that your pet is getting the best care even while you're gone is the most important, and that includes using Time To Pet's GPS feature.

Push Notifications Alerting You That Your Pet Sitter is With Your Pet

Imagine you're enjoying happy hour on vacation, or working through lunch at your job, and you get a notification on your phone that your pet sitter has just gotten to your pet, and both are ready for a fun time together! It's like getting a text from your pet that says, "Don't worry about me, one of my best friends just got here!"

Push notifications sent directly to pet owners!

Detailed Report Card with Checklist

We have had pet parents tell us they were so surprised to see that even details like "Did you pet go number 2?" is on our report card checklist. It is pretty funny to see, but Time To Pet allows us to include personalized details like that for our sitters to answer because it can become relevant to care. We need to keep track of when your pet had their last bowel movement, whether or not they ate their dinner, or got their meds. It's a quick, built-in affirmative that everything is staying the same.

Don't worry, your pet can't even tell that we are basically undercover detectives making sure they're doing their usual business (all while having fun, of course!). Here are the checklist items we have for our reports at Hand and Hound:

  • Peed how many times?

  • Went number 2?

  • Drank water?

  • Ate?

  • Medicine Administered?

  • Played/Walked?

  • Litter box scooped/poop scooped?

  • Plants watered?

  • Mail Retrieved?

  • Double Check Everything is Locked

  • Are the home and pets in the same or better condition as when I entered?

  • Garbage Taken Out

Chat Feature to Message Sitters

What's better than open and honest communication via a report? Open and honest communication with manager oversight! Streamlining everything in Time To Pet allows our pet owners to message their sitters in the "Chat" area of the portal (along with a "Private Chat" area to speak directly to a manager), meaning that whoever is managing the sitters knows exactly what is going on and help communication even more. Whether it's chiming in with suggestions on how to make a dog more comfortable if they're struggling with missing their parents, or being aware of a cat throwing up so we can track and take any necessary steps if they continue to not feel good, having more people with an eye on your pet is always better!

Pet Profile

We LOVE this area of Time To Pet as pet sitters! It is the most relevant area for our jobs, and gives us a fun insight into your individual pet.

When you sign up with us through Time To Pet, each of your pets has their own profile section to add photos, birthdays, and their favorite snacks, toys, etc. It has all the important care items listed, too, like food and medications. It keeps information for each pet tidy, concise, and clear! With this feature, if you're detailed enough in your pet's profile, any chance for confusion or mistakes is slim.

Modern Pet Sitting

If you consider yourself a modern pet parent, then you deserve a modern pet sitting business with tools to help ease your (and consequently, your pet's) stress while you're away from them. Time To Pet has allowed our pet owners to boast about the detailed reports to every other pet owner they know!

Want to experience modern pet sitting in Phoenix, AZ and see what you've been missing? Sign up with us here!

-Alexis (she/her)


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