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Holiday Gift Guide for Phoenix Pet Parents

If you're a pet parent, you have probably been gifted the same old, same old treats your pet isn't used to, or a cheesy frame with a pet quote that definitely doesn't go with your aesthetic, or toys that end up getting destroyed or unused. Or maybe you're someone shopping for that special pet parent in your life, and have no idea what else to get them besides the generic ideas above!

As someone whose job it is to not only know pets, but pet parents too, look no further than our unique gift guide. And bonus? It's Phoenix specific! We love supporting other local businesses, especially when they love pets as much as we do.

A Candle or Candle Bar Experience from Light+Bark Candle Co.

What's better than an experience gift that everyone can enjoy? An experience gift that gives back to local dog rescues, of course!

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Light+Bark Candle Co. is a welcoming, bright shop with an even brighter mission of giving back to local shelter and rescue dogs. When you gift a candle or, even better, buy a gift card covering a Candle Bar Experience where the pet parent in your life chooses scents and pours their own candle, know that you are giving back to local animals that need our help. Your pet parent recipient will love that you had them in mind when you gift them a beautiful and personalized candle that helps dogs who don't have a forever home yet!

As pet sitters, we've definitely been there trying to get great photos of your dogs on their walks, and it is a challenge. Gift knowledge from one of the best dog photographers in the valley how to capture your dog's best angles on just your phone's camera!

Every pet parent is their pet's own personal photographer, and I can guarantee that their camera roll is full of photos of their pet. I can also guarantee most of those are of their dog moving too quickly and blurring, or no photos with them, either! Monica has been a dog photographer for about 6 years, and offers her knowledge and tips in a course designed around that quality camera pet parents always have in their pockets when they’re out with their dogs…their phone! What a fun way to show a pet parent you love seeing photos of their pets than Monica’s Cell Phone Dog Photography Course.

La Gattara Cat Café Lounge Session or Event Ticket

If there's anything a cat lover loves more than their cat, it's more cats. And access to coffee or tea. In a lounge. At the same time.

The first and only cat cafe in Phoenix, La Gattara Cat Café and Boutique has adoptable cats milling about interacting with guests who come in for your typical café drinks and food. They also host events like Drag Bingo and Yoga with Cats! As a cat owner myself, trust me when I say whatever cat lover you have in your life wants nothing more than to spend some time with and spoil other cats (and possibly add more to their family in

Gray cat sitting under an outside café table

the process)! La Gattara is a nonprofit whose mission is to find homes for the cats in their care, so cat friends pay for lounge time or to attend the events that are offered. Again, gift someone a good time for a great cause! Click on the “Book Now” section of their website to see what they have coming up.

Unique Pet Knick-Knacks at La Grande Orange Grocery

If you're looking for quirky, small nods to being a pet parent for that pet-obsessed person in your life, La Grande Orange Grocery has a section dedicated to just that! Seriously, who is their buyer??

Clearly LGO is run by some pet lovers because every time I go in, I have to peruse their unique collection of pet lover items. Sentimental, silly, useful, cute, dog, cat, whatever kind of vibe you’re looking for to spoil the pet parent you know, they have it! Last time I was in to take a few pictures and grab a sandwich, TWO employees came up asking if I was a dog owner and finding anything I liked. A Phoenix staple located at 40th St. and Campbell, you are bound to see a few dogs walking the neighborhood, so it’s no surprise they have such a curated selection of pet-centric items.

Gift Card to a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Give them a dining experience where they get what they really want…a place where their dog gets more attention than them.

We love our dog-friendly places here in Phoenix, and there are so many! Having a companion next to you while you sip coffee or eat a brunch with friends is bound to bring entertainment and a sense of community; our choices for dog-friendly eating spots are known for their dog customer service ;). We recommend stopping by to get your pet parent a gift card to 32 Shea, O.H.S.O. Brewery (or their additional shop Little O’s), or Fillmore Coffee Co. 32 Shea is a long-time neighborhood hang that has what they call an “oasis patio” set up for both human and dog customers. O.H.S.O. Brewery is widely known for its dog-friendly atmosphere and staff, and works with many dog-lovers in the valley. Fillmore Coffee Co. has treats right at their front counter so they can order themselves some coffee and food and treat their pup, too. All fantastic choices your pet parent is bound to love!

Donation to a Local Rescue in Their Name

Give straight to the source if you’re looking for a touching gift for that special pet parent or animal lover in your life.

There are so many rescues and shelters in Phoenix at max capacity. Donating to a small rescue in their name is the next best thing to overstepping and buying your pet parent another dog or cat to love. One of our favorites and one we’ve worked with before is AZK9 Rescue. What’s different about them is they have foster pet parents lined up before they pull any dogs out of a shelter, so the transition is easier and the dog has a greater chance of being adopted when they have time to warm up in a home environment. For cats and dogs, Home Fur Good is a great option (and where we adopted our two kitties!). Try to find a rescue that aligns with your recipient’s values and experience, and they are sure to appreciate the gesture.

Two brown and white bulldogs laying down side by side, one has reindeer antlers and a red nose on, the other has an oversized Santa hat

We hope this gift guide makes it easier to shop for the pet parent in your life (or yourself!) in a fun and new way! As always, keep updated on our Pet Parent Resource page for the best in all things Phoenix pets! Also, it's always a great option to reach out to your pet sitting business and see if they offer any gift cards themselves ;)

Happy Holidays to all the pet lovers!

-Alexis Campbell

CEO Hand and Hound Pet Sitting

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